PhD position in Biophotonics / Biomedical Engineering

Research in Engineering within the interdisciplinary environment of Life Sciences and Medicine combines opportunities for innovative technological research with a perspective to aid diagnostics and treatment of patients in the future. The Institute of Medical Biotechnology at FAU offers a PhD position in the fields of Biophotonics and Biomedical Engineering (TV-L E13, 65%, for 3 years, with opportunity to obtain the academic degree Dr.-Ing.) to develop new endoscopy technologies for applications in chronic inflammatory bowel diseases and colon cancer.

Das Aufgabengebiet umfasst

You are a highly motivated student with a strong interest in research questions and a background in optical systems and microscopy from your studies in physics, engineering, or life sciences?

We offer the opportunity to join us in an interdisciplinary research project focusing on the development of label-free multiphoton endomicroscopy. This new technology allows 3D imaging of native unstained biological tissue with cellular resolution, and provides new options for refined tissue diagnostics in disease. To learn more about the technology and underlying questions in the project, please refer to our previous publications (listed below).

Aims of the current phase of the project are: (I) the successful development of an improved two-photon laser-scanning endomicroscopy setup for live tissue imaging in vivo, (II) establishing methods for an improved automated analysis of inflamed tissue in 3D microscopic image data.

Practical work in the project will involve, e.g. (i) setup, handling, and calibration of optical systems, (ii) laser-scanning microscopy of biological samples including sample preparation, (iii) image analysis and preparation of datasets for machine learning. The work will be conducted in close collaboration with the research labs of Medical Clinic I at the University Hospital in Erlangen.

The PhD project will be associated with the two graduate schools SAOT (School of Advanced Optical Technologies) and LIFE@FAU (Graduate School for Life Sciences at FAU) covering the two fields of photonics / optical engineering, and applications in life sciences / medical research.


Notwendige Qualifikationen:

Qualification: Master of Science in Physics, Engineering, Life Sciences, or similar qualification. Knowledge in the fields of optics and optical systems, basic knowledge in cell biology and immunology, basic skills in programming and data analysis.

Ergänzende Beschreibung

Befristetes Forschungsvorhaben

This research project at the Institute of Medical Biotechnology is focused on the development of novel endoscopy technologies for application in medical research. For more detailed information about this technology, please also see the two video articles and the print publication listed here:

  • Schürmann et al. 2013, Gastroenterology (DOI: 10.1053/j.gastro.2013.06.054), video article.
  • Kreiss et al. 2020, Gastroenterology (DOI: 10.1053/j.gastro.2020.05.081), video article.
  • Dilipkumar et al. 2019, Advanced Science (DOI: 10.1002/advs.201801735), print article.


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Veröffentlichungsdatum: 08.09.2023